School Closure | COVID-19

School Closure | COVID-19


German International School Boston will be closed until May 4, 2020. Please note that this is subject to change due to the rapidly evolving situation. During this time, GISB will continue to provide instructions in an Online Learning format. We will keep you updated via email and our Social Media channels.

Please find the Q&A about our School Closure and our Online Learning Plan here.

Staying Connected provides resources, tips and information from our Student Support Team.

Thank you for your support and understanding!

Some words from our Head of School Holger Wirtz – distributed in the GISB Newsletter “Weekly Update” from March 27, 2020:

In an unprecedented effort we entered a completely new system of schooling two weeks ago, while being at the same time under so called ‘social distancing’: Students, parents, admin, teachers and the board alike have all been working extremely hard together on giving our students the best possible environment. And we are supported by Germany, through the institutions in Bonn and Berlin, and through our General Consulate here in Boston.

So many phone and video calls, emails and messages this week prove that our GISB is truly alive and active, academically and socially. Clearly, we are walking on a solid base of mutual understanding and communication and we are seeking compromises where needed. All of this is the result of a steady and optimistic GISB tradition. There are so many examples where people are reaching out to each other, offering help and time, while also – in some cases – just being there for each other. We are extremely supportive to one another and in turn, supported with care.

In these difficult times this should make us proud. Our whole team feels privileged to be surrounded by this community and to serve GISB. They also make me proud as their Head of School.”

Read the full “Weekly Update” here:
– March, 27, 2020 in German and English
– March 20, 2020 in German and English

Help needed!
Sewing instructions for cotton masks with disposable filters can be found here (and here in German).
This initiative was started by Meg Wirtz, wife of GISB’s Head of School. A group of GISB moms is already busy sewing masks. They are distributing them to people in supermarkets, homeless shelters, and food pantries and are even getting requests from the medical sector.
More sewers needed! For anyone interested, please send a message to Susanne Flieger:

Who benefits from the mask donations?
Find out here and here.