Thank you, Dr. Schnack

Thank you, Dr. Schnack

August 06, 2018

Dr. Jochen Schnack, Head of School, welcomes students each morning.

The Board is so grateful and will miss Dr. Jochen Schnack when he returns to Hamburg this summer!

As GISB completes its 17th year, and Dr. Jochen Schnack his fifth year as its principal, on behalf of the entire GISB community, the Board wishes gratefully to acknowledge some highlights of his many accomplishments and contributions:

  • During his tenure, and thanks to his efforts, student enrollment increased from 198, in 2014, to more than 280, confirmed for the coming school year.
  • The new Lower Campus facility for kindergarten and preschool — vital to this expansion — was financed, planned and built, opening in the fall of 2017.
  • Following a rigorous and competitive application process, the School was nominated for the 2017 German School Prize (“Der Deutsche Schulpreis”), culminating in a visit to Berlin, for a nationally broadcast event featuring Chancellor Merkel and “Tormann” Neuer.
  • Dr. Schnack developed and implemented the School’s Fast Track program, to support and incorporate new students entering GISB in grades 3 – 6 with minimal knowledge of German.
  • He commenced the provision of student support in the areas of special education, counseling, and college advising.
  • He built an international partnership with Gymnasium Christianeum in Hamburg, leading to annual class visits, to or from Boston.  In addition, he initiated and supported individual student exchange for high school students (semesters abroad, i.e.), which continues to expand, and to have great, positive personal impact upon its participants.
  • The School’s public face has been radically improved via redesign of the website and added marketing staff.  And its technology significantly updated, via provision of large screens to all classrooms, and laptops and Chromebooks to the upper grades.

Beyond these highlights, Dr. Schnack made myriad pedagogical and administrative refinements behind the scenes, which have brought the School to a much higher level of quality than when he arrived.  Perhaps the best confirmation of this result, and his part in it, is the news that Germany has announced its formal, legal approval of the GISB as an official “German School Abroad.”

Above all, Jochen has been a friend to us and most importantly, to our students. GISB became his second family, of which he took great care.

Thank you, Dr. Schnack, for making us great with your leadership, expertise, hard work, and enthusiasm!

The entire GISB Board of Trustees will miss you and wishes you and your family all the best!

Stefan G. Tullius, President, and Alec Hugo, Treasurer, for the GISB Board of Trustees


Note: GISB, along with the German government, will conduct a search for a long term Head of School in the 2018/19 school year. In the interim, our very competent and dedicated acting Head of School, Matthias Radke, and acting Assistant Head of School, Stefan Kohnert, are well prepared and enthusiastic to take on these roles. We are very grateful for their service!