GISB Seventh Grader invited to Germany for Federal Round of “Mathematik-Olympiade”

GISB Seventh Grader invited to Germany for Federal Round of “Mathematik-Olympiade”

May 09 - June 18, 2018

May 9, 2018

Boston, MA – German International School Boston (GISB) is pleased to announce that Ana Lehmann, a seventh grade GISB student, has been invited to participate in the federal round of the “Mathematik-Olympiade,” a prestigious annual competition founded in 1961.

Only 192 of over 200,000 student participants have been invited to Würzburg, Germany for the 57th federal round of the competition. Ms. Lehmann will join the best young mathematicians from all German states and from German schools abroad to participate in the fourth round from June 13 – 16, 2018.

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Stifterverband, the first three rounds of the “Mathematik-Olympiade” are for students in grades 3 to 13, with the fourth round open to grades 8 – 13. Although she is in grade 7, Ms. Lehmann participates in grade 8 Math at GISB and has advanced through the first three rounds in that grade as well. She will continue to compete as an eighth grader in Würzburg.

Lehmann describes herself as very logical, and is ready for this “cool challenge.” She said “I’m excited to see what Würzburg is like…I’ve never been so far south in Germany, and it’s right on the Main River.” Besides her school work, she meets weekly in a math club offered by two GISB parents (Andreas Lehmann and Sarah Ying), and participates in the New England Math League. To prepare for the federal competition, she will review previous year’s challenges and analyze the solutions to the problems as well. She notes that “…success is not only finding the correct answer, but following the best path to get there.”

At the “Mathematik-Olympiade,” students have the opportunity to prove their mathematical abilities and develop them further. Challenging tasks promote logical thinking, the ability to combine and handle mathematical methods creatively. “We are extremely proud to have such a mathematical genius at our school. Maybe we’ll see her again in a few years at the International Mathematical Olympiad” said Matthias Radke, Assistant Head of School and Head of the Math Department.

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