GISB Says Goodbye to Nine Outstanding Graduates

GISB Says Goodbye to Nine Outstanding Graduates

June 28, 2019

With bittersweet emotions, German International School Boston bids farewell to its seventh class to receive high school diplomas and the German International Abitur. The nine graduates have caused a sensation with their excellent test results – their plans for the future are also impressive.

At the beginning of June, nine German International School Boston students received high school diplomas and the German International Abitur. As the largest graduating class since GISB first awarded the Abitur in 2013, this group of students scored an exceptionally high average of 1.8 on their written and oral exams – a number well above the average of all German International Schools.

“We are proud of the outstanding performance of our graduates. Six of them mastered their degree with a one [a perfect score] before the decimal point. With this outstanding bilingual degree, numerous university doors are open to them not only in America but also in Europe,” says Head of School Matthias Radke. “The fact that you can go to colleges in Germany without tuition fees is another bonus of our German Abitur.”

Bilingualism is one of the biggest advantages of an education at GISB. Children who grow up without any knowledge of the German language can also join the school’s Fast Track Program up to fifth grade. One of this year’s outstanding students was among the inaugural Kindergarten class at GISB in 2001, starting as a five-year-old with no prior connection to the German language. After twelve school years, Josephine Hugo speaks perfect German. She got accepted to several international universities, and will now begin her neuroscience studies at the renowned University of St Andrews in Scotland this fall. “My years at GISB have made me much more open-minded. Without this experience, the whole world would be significantly smaller for me,” says graduate Josephine Hugo.

Teamwork, Friendship and Cosmopolitanism

The future plans of the high school graduates are varied and range from neuroscience, psychology, business administration, primary school teaching, cognitive science to civil engineering. The same goes for the destinations: in addition to Scotland, the prospective students will move to Maastricht, Osnabrück and Munich, among other destinations. Only two of them will stay in Boston. The highest-scoring student of the year will begin his studies at Harvard University in August. Dominik Bohnet-Zurcher is the first GISB graduate to be offered admission to this elite university. His Abitur performance stands out in particular: of the possible 900 total points, he received 880 and thus completed his Abitur with a zero before the decimal point. “Whether teamwork, critical thinking, questioning or cosmopolitanism – at GISB I have learned for life and made friends all over the world,” says Dominik Bohnet-Zurcher.

German International School Boston

German International School Boston (GISB) is a bilingual private school for students from age 3 to Grade 12. It is one of only seven German schools abroad in North America that meet the strict accreditation requirements of the Federal Republic of Germany. It follows the Thuringian curriculum and also adheres to the requirements of the Massachusetts curriculum. Therefore, students have the opportunity to receive both a High School Diploma and the German International Abitur at the end of their school careers. This gives them the opportunity to continue their education at both American and German universities.

To learn more about the wide range of respected and competitive institutions all of the GISB Graduates have been accepted to, click here.