Support GISB

Support GISB

As with most independent schools in the United States, tuition at GISB does not cover the full cost of education. In order to make GISB accessible and affordable, tuition is set at a level that does not cover the school’s annual operating expenses. The remainder is provided through the support of the German government and with the help of the GISB community. GISB offers plenty of opportunities to donate throughout the year. The Christkindlmarkt is only one of many examples. 

Spring 2021: Take a Test – Give a Test!

Since the end of February, GISB is able to provide an extra layer of security by conducting weekly Covid-19 pool testing for all students and staff. Many in our community have asked how they can support the school in this extraordinary time and we have a simple answer: Please consider making a donation to the school, which will help to offset the expenses of the testing and other safety measures the school has invested in this school year.

Testing for one student or staff member costs $100 per month. A $300 donation covers the expenses for testing one child for the remainder of the school year. Every Dollar you can give beyond that amount will go towards the testing program for our teachers, administrators, and families who cannot afford to make a donation. Please note that we welcome any size of donation and hope that many of you will consider participating.

Ways to Donate to GISB

  • Make a donation online. Click here to get started.
  • Send a check to GISB, 57 Holton Street, Boston, MA 02134
  • Contact Tina Haarbusch if you are interested to make a stock or in-kind donation.
  • Amazon Smile: Support GISB while shopping on Amazon. Visit and choose GISB as your charity. Amazon will make a small donation to GISB every time you purchase an eligible item. 

Corporate Matching

Did you know that your employer might match your donation? Many corporations in the United States match donations made by employees to non-profit organizations such as GISB. Please check if your company offers corporate matching as this can sometimes double or triple the gift our school receives. Click here to check if your company offers a corporate matching program.

If you have any questions, please contact Tina Haarbusch at