Sustainability at GISB

Sustainability at GISB

As an international educational institution, we are making increased efforts to integrate sustainable thinking and actions into everyday school life.

In order to expand the proportion of environmentally friendly produced products at our school, we switched to copy paper, toilet paper and tissues made from recycled paper and compostable cutlery.

Our Zero-Waste-Days initiated by student representatives started very successfully. On these days, students are asked to avoid producing garbage and are informed about the effects of plastic on our planet. We produced about 3kg less garbage on a Zero-Waste-Day than on a regular day. The goal is to make students more aware of the general waste and plastic problem.

In May 2020 we were a proud recipient of the 2020 Project Green Schools Green Difference Award. You can watch the announcement here.

Sustainability and environmental issues are also part of the GISB curriculum. Classes 5 and 6 discuss environmentally friendly travel in Antarctica. In classes 7 and 8, the students promote the protection of the tropical rainforest. “How can I reduce my own ecological footprint?” “Climate change is affecting everyone?” are topics students in grade 10 explore. Class 11 examines plastics at the molecular level and rethinks the impact of their consumption.

In order to further increase environmental awareness, the usage of the sustainable internet search engine “Ecosia” was promoted to the community. Further projects are planned!

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