GISB is a multicultural school. While you’ll hear a lot of German in the hallways, our vibrant polyglot community includes speakers of Spanish, French, Hebrew, Mandarin, Turkish, Russian and Akan, to name just a few. Whether you are a student, parent, or teacher at our school, being a part of GISB means making friends from around the world and across the street.

Our Families

At GISB our families are passionate about the benefits of a bilingual education, our community and embracing what makes us unique. Meet our families >

“Our son has absolutely loved his year at your school with his beloved teachers and all of his friends.  His German has improved immensely and we are very happy to have made the decision to send him to GISB.” – GISB Parent

Our Students

Students at GISB thrive, be it through goals to become biologists, traveling around the world with “magical suitcases,” or learning to play the drums. Meet our students >

“I used to have problems with fractions. But then one day, when I explained it to my friends, a light bulb just clicked on and I got it.” – David, GISB Student

Our Teachers

The best part of the job for our teachers is the variety, the community, and of course the students. Meet our teachers >

“They are really eager and they want to learn. From a teacher’s perspective, that attitude is what makes my job fun.” – Alexandra, GISB Teacher

Our Alumni

GISB Alumni go on to make an impact all around the globe. Meet our alumni >

“The English lessons that I had at GISB really prepared me for university and game me a huge head start.” – Laurenz, Class of 2017