Student Services

Student Services

In accordance with our mission of empowering students for success in a global world, our student support team appreciates that all students learn differently and supports students in reaching their academic and emotional goals. Services available include college and career counseling, social/emotional counseling, and special education support. Explore some of the many services, support systems, and pathways available to students at GISB. 

College and Career Counseling:

The college counselors at GISB help students and parents navigate the academically demanding path to American and European universities:

Becca Blackelari, College Counselor – US, Europe, UK, Canada

Becca provides individualized support to students and families as they plan for higher education. The counseling process is designed to provide specialized guidance through student meetings, group sessions, workshops, and visits from university representatives. During the college counseling process, students draw upon the reflective and analytical skills honed through their time at GISB to inform their college choices. Our global student body applies to colleges and universities around the world—our counselor has a wealth of knowledge regarding the different application systems from North America, Canada, Europe, and beyond. Contact Becca at

Andrea Zahrte, Career Counselor – Germany

Andrea organizes Career Orientation Week for students in grade 9 and the Mentorship Program for students in grades 9-12, matching students with professionals in their interest area. She provides individualized support for students and families as they plan for higher education in Germany and organizes workshops and visits from German University representatives and specialists. Andrea is in regular contact with the network of counselors in the network of German International Schools in North America for exchange and collaboration. She also continuously compiles information for students in an online College and Career Orientation webspace. Contact Andrea at

Learn more about college counseling at GISB and where our students get accepted here.

Special Education:

Fenja Wieneke, Special Education Teacher

GISB Special Education Teacher Fenja Wieneke supports GISB teachers to create a learning environment that provides specialized instructions for students with learning differences. The goal of the program is that students with learning differences can benefit from the general education curriculum to the greatest extent possible when supported with supplemental aides, accommodations, and other support. Fenja works with teachers and parents of students in grades one through twelve. Contact Fenja at

Health and Safety:

Rachel Evans, School Nurse

Our School Nurse Rachel Evans works to promote the health and wellness of all students by providing day-to-day care in the school. She also oversees all public health requirements and is a member of the GISB safety team. In addition, she provides health teaching in classes from Preschool to grade 12. Our health office is located on the second floor of the Upper Campus and is opposite the reception desk at the Lower Campus.

Office hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 2:00 pm

Visit the SNAP Health Portal.