The school year is divided into three large learning themes (such as Earth, Water, and Animals) or multiple shorter themes relating to the cycle of the seasons. Within each theme, teachers facilitate engaging learning in math, German, science & social studies, fine motor and general language skills. Your child will interact socially with a diverse community of peers and adults, develop habits such as persistence and empathy, and acquire new knowledge and skills.

We integrate a range of enrichment areas into our overarching learning themes: letters, numbers, sensory awareness skills, music, and art are some examples. All of these concepts are presented playfully through rhymes, songs, movement, hands-on materials, and colorful games. Enrichment areas are designed to ensure that your child develops the specific skills necessary to participate successfully in the next step of their education: elementary school. Explorations start with what your child already knows, encouraging self-directed learning and new discoveries of increasing sophistication.

Areas of Enrichment

Subject Preschool Kindergarten
Music 1 hr/week 2 hrs/week
Physical Education 2 hrs/week 2 hrs/week
English 1 hr/week 3 hrs/week
Art 2 hrs/week
English Language Learners 1 hr/week
German Language Learners 4 hrs/week
Outdoor Play – year-round! 45-60 min/day 45 min/day
Guided Free Indoor Play 45 min/day 30 min/day

Teachers will pay close attention to your child’s evolving developmental abilities, strengths and growth areas, as well as their special interests. We are always happy to discuss your child’s progress, and more structured parent conferences happen regularly throughout the year. Although your child’s classroom teachers will only speak German with children, they are all fully bilingual and look forward to discussions with you in German or English, depending on your preference.


All interactions between children and teachers are in German except for:

  • English lessons
  • After School Program (one English- and one German-speaking teacher)
  • Rare, emotionally-charged situations, e.g. if your child is injured or inconsolable

Special Opportunities

Our community takes regular field trips including adventures to puppet theater, apple orchards, and museums. We welcome family chaperones and enjoy making memories with your child on these special days.

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