A Typical Day

A Typical Day

There is no such thing as a typical day in Middle School at German International School Boston. Teachers ensure that each day brings new surprises and challenges, yet it is the students who truly keep things fresh, with their humor and energy.

Below is a sample of what your child might experience:

Time Activity
8:15 am Doors open; you’re responsible for attendance so you grab the class book from the Main Office on your way in.
8:30 am Tuesdays kick off with a double-period of German. You just finished reading and discussing Schiller`s Wilhelm Tell. Now you’re working with friends on creating a modern re-telling of a scene, in preparation for the annual Wilhelm Tell Evening.
10:00 am Enjoy some downtime to eat a snack and play basketball outside.
10:30 am In music, you work on your original composition in Noteflight.
11:15 am In Math, you work as a full class on the theorem of Thales.
Noon You eat lunch and talk together in the classroom with teachers and friends. After cleaning up it’s back outside to get some energy out.
12:40 pm In Physics, you have a double-period to experiment with electronics. You finish building a complicated circuit using light sensors (it rocks!), then you work on your poster for Science Cafe.
2:15 pm The class council meets. As class representative, you share the conversation from the School Council’s discussion about the issue your class brought for review: sharing the soccer pitch with the Elementary School during break. Even though you don’t feel strongly, you tried to represent your classes opinion.
3:00 pm The school day is officially over. You head to the student-organized Peer Tutoring Club for some help with French, then warm up on the violin in the hallway before your regular weekly lesson.
4:30 pm At home, you message a friend when she has a question about the history homework due tomorrow and jump on your assignments so you have time to watch your favorite show later.

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