The Middle School at German International School Boston follows a German college preparatory curriculum emphasizing math, science and multiple languages. Your child will also develop a broad variety of essential skills and knowledge taught in art, music, social sciences and history. The majority of the Middle School day is conducted in German by native speakers.

IMG_0005Curricula for subjects taught in German align with the German state of Thüringen, which like GISB’s home state of Massachusetts is highly regarded for educational excellence. English, Art, and American History are taught in English. Curricula for subjects taught in English combine the best of Thüringen’s requirements and Massachusetts’ high state standards.

Your child will have a Classroom Teacher who is your primary resource as a parent, yet many of his or her most memorable lessons will likely be taught at this age by peers. Lessons about self-awareness and teamwork are integrated into every subject at GISB. Overnight field trips support leadership and team development, along with regular weekly class councils and assemblies continuing the momentum as students learn to identify and advocate about issues, concerns and ideas within their community.

The chart below outlines how the learning week is divided into subjects for students in grades 5-8:

Subject Periods in Class 5 & 6 Periods in Class 7 & 8 Instructional Language
German 5 5 German
English 5 4 English
German+ or English+ 4 (grade 5 only) German/English
French or Spanish 4 (grade 6 only) 4 French/Spanish
Ethik (+Klassenrat) 1 2 German
Math 5 5 German
Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) 3

Biology 1.5

Physics 2

Chemistry 1.5




Geography 2 2 German
History 2 2 German
American History 2 English
Music 2 1 German
Art 2 1 English
Physical Education 4 2 German

Teachers will pay close attention to your child’s evolving developmental abilities, strengths and growth areas, as well as their special interests. We are always happy to discuss your child’s progress, and more structured parent conferences happen in the fall and spring. Although most of your child’s teachers will speak only German with students, they look forward to discussions with you in German or English, depending on your preference.


Students starting at German International School Boston in the Middle School are already fluent in German and English and learn in a fully bilingual setting.

Special Opportunities

Each year our Middle School kicks off with an overnight trip to the White Mountains for team-building.

Students look forward to starting new languages in Middle School: French or Spanish in sixth grade.

Seventh- and eighth-graders treasure their Chromebooks, which are issued in the fall from school like textbooks.

The Physical Education curriculum includes:

  • Swimming lessons at Boston University over several months in the fall
  • Frequent walks in fall and spring to Harvard University’s athletic facilities
  • Rock-climbing at a local indoor climbing gym

Your child will participate in a class council to address concerns,  resolve conflicts, and promote new ideas within the Middle School.

At regular assemblies, the Middle and High School unite to share learning, discuss current events, or be inspired.

Special Middle School events such as Science Cafe – our  kicked-back yet sophisticated version of a traditional science fair – take place throughout the year.

Each year in Middle School culminates with The GISB Challenge: public presentations of year-long “thesis” projects demonstrating independent inquiry. Practice for defending our PhD dissertations in just a few years!

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