Middle School

Middle School

Middle School at German International School Boston is informed by the German ideal of “Bildung.” This word describes the way that a young person grows holistically through exposure to intellectually challenging subjects and rich experiences. The goal of middle school at GISB is the wholesome growth of creative and critical thinkers.

In GISB’s Middle School, students establish a repertoire of academic methods and tools, such as how to “discuss” or “explain” before a thoughtful audience of academic peers. Like basic literacy and numeracy in Elementary School, such methods and tools are honed over time to become the foundation for successful pursuit of the International Abitur and effective habits in college or university.

Developing sophisticated skills is not only about scoring resume points; it is fundamentally rewarding and engaging. Middle school students delight in testing themselves through “grown-up” academic endeavor. Your child will thrive in our supportive atmosphere of independence, trust, and high expectation. Whether in a spirited historical debate, a game of soccer, or tricky lab experiment, the skills, confidence, and friendships gained at GISB have an impact far beyond the Middle School years.

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