A Typical Day

A Typical Day

There is no such thing as a “typical” day in the Elementary years at German International School Boston! Teachers ensure that each day brings new surprises and challenges … and it is often the student who surprise us, with their humor and growth.

Below is a sample of what your child might experience:

Time Activity
8:15 am Doors open; families and children are welcomed to the regular school day
8:30 am It’s time for English! Students read Seeds of Change and discuss Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maathai’s contributions to Kenya and the world.
9:15 am In Math your child works individually on her weekly practice packet, the tackles a tricky word problem on her own. Then it’s time to Think, Pair and Share with partner: she explains her solution to her neighbor and they talk through some questions. When it’s their turn, they quickly present their method to the class.
10:00 am Students race around the playground after eating snack.
10:30 am The music teacher has set up xylophones and your child joyfully plays back the teacher’s rhythmic “call.”
11:15 am Woo-hoo! Time for Gym. Students dash to Harvard’s track and field facility and rotate through stations: sprints, long jump, and jump rope.
Noon Your child washes her hands, gets her lunchbox, and sits down to eat and talk together with teachers and friends. After cleaning up it’s back outside and to the top of the climbing pyramid!
12:40 pm Students work together on laptops in pairs, doing research for their presentation about the solar system.
1:25 pm It’s time for the weekly Class Council Meeting. The classroom teacher reminds this week’s discussion leaders that they will facilitate the class. The group talks about how things are going with the new rules they created for sharing the reading nook.
2:10 pm The school day is officially over, but learning continues in the After School Program. Your child completes an hour of homework, supervised by his regular teachers. Then he gets ready by himself for Taekwondo, a highlight of every week! After School activities continue until 6:00 pm.

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