Becoming a Member of the Board

Becoming a Member of the Board

We appreciate your interest in contributing to the mission of GISB. We strive for a balance of consistency and renewal on the BoT, with long-term-members for sustainability and a healthy turnover for fresh perspectives. Of course, there are only limited positions available each year. Another way to keep our School strong is to participate in this community as robustly and generously as you are able or to join one of our committees.


Our board members share a great passion for the GISB mission. Not only do they spend at least three hours at monthly board meetings, but they also participate in committees. On-going duties include the occasional “homework”, which can be an additional two or more hours each week.

The board also plays a crucial role in the School’s fundraising activities. Trustees choose to be involved either directly by donating (no required minimum amount) or indirectly by building a financially strong network and finding potential supporters.

How does it work

Candidates should submit their application by September 30 to be added to the ballot. Please contact Tina Haarbusch, Head of Administration, if you have questions.

Please note that the application deadline for the 2021 board election might change. Details will be made available soon.

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