Daily Rhythm

Daily Rhythm

Our daily rhythm is continuously fine-tuned to support your child’s physical needs and intellectual growth. Below is a sample of a Preschool day:

Time Activity
8:oo am Doors open; families and children are welcomed to the school day
8:30 am Greetings, songs, and sharing in our morning circle
9:00 am Your child eats a snack brought from home and after cleaning up chooses one of the free play and discovery stations (the science table, the theater corner, the art center, the blocks corner, etc.)
10:15 am In the daily learning circle, the class looks together at a specific animal, learns a new finger play, sings some favorite songs, plays a number or letter game, etc.
11:00 am Time to put on our gear. It’s drizzling outside but we love fresh air too much to let a little rain stop us!
Noon Your child washes her hands, gets her lunchbox, and sits down to eat and talk together with teachers and friends.
12:45 pm Reading circle is time for dim lights, cozy blankets, and a favorite story in German
1:00 pm It is quiet time. Your child pulls her mat and blanket into a favorite nook. Some children sleep, other rest quietly and read a book or draw.
2:00 pm Children enrolled until 2:00 pm have a short goodbye circle and then say Auf Wiedersehen, while those enrolled until 4:00 pm can sleep until 3:00 pm. Then all eat snack and clean up.
3:00 pm The music teacher has set up xylophones and your child joyfully plays back the teacher’s rhythmic “call.”
3:30 pm It’s time to head outdoors for more active play!
4:00 pm Your child enjoys a baking project in the After School Program. He says, “Can I stay just a little longer?” when you arrive to pick him up. After School activities continue until 6:00 pm.

A Kindergartener finishes her morning work while her classmates peel carrots in the background.

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