Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

In collaboration with the Head of School and with the support of the Consul General, the School’s seven-member Board establishes strategic priorities to further the mission of empowering students for success in a global world.

The Board is responsible for fiscal oversight, management of the School’s assets, and support of fundraising activities. Each year, the School is audited by a certified public accountant; the results are reported during the Annual Meeting of the Members and Board election in the fall. In 2016 the Board initiated the GISB Merit Award, an annual award honoring academic excellence, extracurricular activities and community service. 

Current members of the Board of Trustees:

  • Dr. Stefan G. Tullius, Chairman and President
  • Alec Hugo, Treasurer
  • Dr. Thomas Posever, Secretary
  • Ulrike Bagehorn
  • Dr. Johannes Frühauf
  • Skadi Gidionsen
  • Jens Meyer
  • Emily Westhoven, non-voting member
Photograph of GISB Board of Trustees
From left to right: Board Members Dr. Thomas Posever, Ulrike Bagehorn, Skadi Gidionsen, Dr. Johannes Frühauf, Alec Hugo, Dr. Stefan G. Tullius, Jens Meyer, and non-voting Board Member Emily Westhoven.


Honorary Trustees

Dr. Bodo Reinisch, Chair
Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Co-Founder and founding Treasurer; Chairman & President, 2009 – 2013
Member of the Board of Trustees, 2000 – 2002 and 2008 – 2013

Mr. Ernst Richard Matthiensen
Co-Founder and founding Chairman & President
Member of the Board of Trustees, 2000-2006

Mrs. Ann Fissler
IDP-Investments, Boston
Member of the Board of Trustees, 2001 – 2005

Dr. Guido Goldman
Director Emeritus of the Study of Germany and Europe, Harvard University
Co-Chair of the German Marshall Fund of the United States

Dr. Marietta Lutze Sackler
Co-owner of Dr. Kade Pharmazeutische Fabrik GmbH, Berlin

Dr. John Silber, In Memoriam
President Emeritus, Boston University



GISB is a non-profit membership corporation under Massachusetts law. This means that the organization is governed by a Board of Trustees, elected by the School’s members. Members of German International School Boston are informed about and have a voice in the governance of the School.

All current parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to become members of the corporation and participate in Board elections: it is simple and free to complete a membership application. Membership fees are waived for parents/guardians of current students. To submit an application for membership in order to attend the next Annual Meeting of the Members & Board Election, please email Megan Wells, Head of Administration, at