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Having two students from GISB changed our lives. They arrived, moved in and suddenly our lives were not something we took for granted anymore. Our boys were close in age to the GISB students, but slightly younger, and suddenly they had older twin siblings, and it brought them closer to each other. As adults, we learned to adapt to two new people who were not so influenced by us. We became better parents. More understanding of a range of behaviors. On top of that, german culture added its own layer to our lives. Especially Haribo and Peter Fox.

- Jeremy Solomons, Senior Lecturer, English Department, Suffolk University

- Former Guest Student Host Family-

Our son has absolutely loved his year at your school with his beloved teachers and all of his friends.  His German has improved immensely and we are very happy to have made the decision to send him to the GISB.

- GISB Parent-

Das erste Zeugnis haben wir schon bekommen. Beide haben sich gut gemacht, wenn man bedenkt, dass sie Kontinent, Land, Schulsystem gewechselt und nicht mehr Unterricht in der eigenen Muttersprache haben. Das zeigt uns Erwachsenen auch wieder, dass wir unseren Kindern getrost mehr zutrauen können. Sie sind stärker und als wir manchmal glauben.

- Former GISB Family-

I am profoundly thankful that my son is supervised and taken care by you. It gives me a big relief that he is in a caring and safe environment. 

I think you will be receiving a lot of requests in the next future  from the german school of barcelona after this incredible experience. The mouth to mouth is starting already to work and people are contacting me to ask etc. 

- Parent of a Guest Student-


Wir sind sehr dankbar und auch sehr positiv beeindruckt von der überaus professionellen wie herzlichen und sehr erfolgreichen Betreuung.

Unsere Tochter ist sehr glücklich mit ihrer Gastfamilie. In der Schule hat sie schnell Fuss gefasst. Sie findet die Schule "gemütlich" und fühlt sich bei der GISB sehr wohl.

- Eltern einer Gastschuelerin-


Wir sind sehr dankbar und auch sehr positiv beeindruckt von der überaus professionellen wie herzlichen und sehr erfolgreichen Betreuung.

Unsere Tochter ist sehr glücklich mit ihrer Gastfamilie. In der Schule hat sie schnell Fuss gefasst. Sie findet die Schule "gemütlich" und fühlt sich bei der GISB sehr wohl.

- Eltern einer Gastschuelerin-


Unser Tochter hat die 1. und 2. Klasse der GISB mit großer Freude besucht und wir müssen leider von Boston und der GISB berufsbedingt diesen Sommer Abschied nehmen. Ich wollte Ihnen und Ihrem Team nochmals sehr herzlich für Ihre exzellente Unterstützung danken, die Sie unserer Tochter und uns haben zukommen lassen.

- Ehemalige Eltern der GISB-


Thank you for all the hard work you spent on my son. He read this book (Geronimos Stilton) within three hours. I did not know at all that he could read in English! He reads in German not that much (not three hours!!!).

He still does not have all the words to express himself..but he understands quite a lot!

I really want to thank you what you ‘made’ out of my son.

- German Parent of the GISB-


Seit dem Kindergarten habe ich die German International School Boston besucht. Dieses Jahr aber haben meine Eltern entschieden, nach Berlin zu ziehen. Ich war etwas nervös, aber auch gespannt auf unseren Umzug. Meine Jahre an der GISB haben mich gut für die Umstellung vorbereitet und mir vieles beigebracht: ich habe die deutsche Kultur kennen gelernt, neue Freunde aus anderen Ländern gemacht und dabei immer viel Spaß am Unterricht gehabt. Vielen Dank GISB.

- Former Student oft he GISB-


The German International School Boston has provided our four children with the wonderful opportunity of being bilingual. With a German-speaking father and an English-speaking mother, our children were among the first group of sixteen students to join the school in September 2001. It took a great leap of faith for the first group of parents to enroll their children in this new venture; they all shared the common goal of wanting to give their children the gift of a bilingual education.

Our children have benefited considerably from having the German International School in Boston. They have had access to a high-quality German education and have learned a great deal about the German culture. The opportunity to be bilingual will surely open doors for our children in the future. Our children already think more globally as a result of attending the school where children from many countries learn together. Our children speak fondly of their time at the German School, especially the bond they developed with their teachers and classmates. They formed long-lasting impressions about the German culture including the spirit of the Christkindlmarkt and Oktoberfest. They still sing the traditional songs all German youngsters learn. They speak with awe about meeting Johannes Rau, the Bundespräsident, who inaugurated the school at an exciting moment in the school’s history in November 2001.

The English program at the German School has ensured that the German International School Boston students are on equal footing with their American peers in both public and private schools. Our children moved on to other schools as they grew older and were able to compete readily in all subjects with their American classmates.

- Former Parents of the GISB-


Acquiring a bilingual education is the best thing that could ever happen to you. I know this first hand. When you grow up bilingually you have so many more choices ahead of you! I grew up speaking German and English. Now I can travel to more places as well as communicate with the global population.

In addition I will be able to study at a wide variety of universities, and have dozens more job offers too!

Growing up bilingually, I am eternally grateful to my parents for giving me the opportunity to receive a life time gift.

- Former student of the GISB-


We declined offers from other schools that admitted our daughter and will re-enroll her in GISB again. We see MANY good things at the GISB as compared to the best elite private schools in the area. It was also a very useful experience for us to have.

- Former Parent of the GISB-


We were in for a pleasant surprise when our son took the SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) for entrance into the American Middle School Program . In a competitive group of test takers (those who want to enter a test school), he ranked in the top 93% in Verbal and 96% in Reading, and did very well with the essay.

He had not taken any "prep courses" for this exam, and therefore we really believe his performance is a reflection of the English program at the GISB.

Taking the long view, I believe children who undergo such a bilingual education may be more attuned to the nuances of language, and, in the end, may be more proficient even in their "mother tongue" than children who are educated primarily in one language. Thank you and Kudos to the English program, it's been working...!

- Parents of the GISB-