The High School at German International School Boston emphasizes German, English, and Math alongside French, Spanish and as many as nine periods of science each week. History, art, geography, music, philosophy and physical education (including swimming and rock-climbing at a local climbing gym) round out a multi-faceted educational experience.

Curricula for subjects taught in German align with the German state of Thüringen, which like GISB’s home state of Massachusetts is highly regarded for educational excellence. English, Art, and American History are taught in English. Curricula for subjects taught in English combine the best of Thüringen’s requirements and Massachusetts’ high state standards.

Class sizes ranging from 4-16 students and caring relationships with teachers and peers create the perfect conditions for pursuit of the Abitur. Block-scheduling– teaching one subject for a double-period– is another strategy used in the High School to support deep learning and appropriate breaks for active adolescents.

Starting with the Class of 2024, the learning week will be divided into subjects as outlined below:

SubjectPeriods in Class 9 & 10Periods in Class 11 & 12

French or Spanish (elective starting in grade 6)

Spanish or Computer Science (elective starting in grade 9) 43 (Computer Science only)
Biology 2 3 (taught bilingually)
Chemistry 2
Physics 23
Ethics 23
American History00
Social Studies21
Physical Education22

For the Classes of 2022 and 2023 the following chart applies:

SubjectPeriods in Class 11 & 12
French4 (either French or Spanish)
Spanish4 (either French or Spanish)
Biology3 (taught bilingually)
American History0
Social Studies1
Physical Education2

Teachers will pay close attention and encourage students to reflect on their evolving abilities, strengths, growth areas, and interests. Students in High School have a Classroom Teacher who is a primary resource for communication; teachers are always happy to discuss your child’s progress. That said, by this stage in a GISB education students are expected to be effective self-advocates, independent learners, and dependable liaisons between school and home. Parents are strongly encouraged to support students in resolving issues themselves, with GISB’s dedicated faculty and staff as resources and partners. More structured conferences with the student, family, and faculty happen in the fall and spring. Faculty look forward to discussions with you in German or English, depending on your preference.


Students starting at German International School Boston in High School are fully bilingual in German and English and have begun their study of French and Spanish. At times, we have been able to accept students who do not meet this criteria who are committed to devoting time and resources outside of school or before arrival to accelerated language courses. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Admission Team with questions.

Special Opportunities

Each year in High School kicks off with an overnight trip to the White Mountains for team-building.

Ninth graders look forward to the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program, and graduate from borrowing the School’s Chromebooks to caring for their own laptop of their (and the family’s!) choosing.

The Physical Education curriculum includes:

  • Swimming lessons at Boston University over several months in the fall
  • Frequent walks in fall and spring to Harvard University’s athletic facilities
  • Rock-climbing at a local indoor climbing gym

Students participate in class councils to address concerns, resolve conflicts, and promote new ideas within the High School.

At regular assemblies, the Middle and High School unite to share learning, discuss current events, and be inspired.

Special Exchange Programs create dynamic learning opportunities:

  • Grade 9: Oslo, Nordorn (offerings are subject to change or cancellation based on interest and availability)
  • Grades 11 and 12: Konstanz and Berlindocents

Each year the 9th and 10th graders choose and secure their own internship, working at every imaginable local institution, from MIT to Lufthansa.

In partnership with Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, 11th and 12th graders serve as docents and explain artworks to dazzled younger students.

Learn more about the hours of the High School.

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