Preschool & Kindergarten

Preschool & Kindergarten

Children learn through play in Preschool and Kindergarten at German International School Boston. Teachers are facilitators and role models, encouraging your child’s curiosity through a daily rhythm of enriching activity.

Our focus in your child’s early years is partnering with you to nurture their independence and empathy, their enthusiasm for discovery, and their German language development.

With small group sizes, children with all levels of German language ability from absolute beginners to native speakers are welcomed, supported, and challenged. Teachers will speak exclusively German with your child, using a range of methods to promote language learning regardless of your child’s initial exposure to German.

Our mixed-age classrooms (children ages 2.9 – 5 in preschool, and ages 5 – 6 in kindergarten) serve as microcosms that reflect the larger world. In our diverse and joyful classrooms, children learn to share, work through differences, express feelings, and describe new ideas.

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