International Student Program

International Student Program


German International School Boston hosts an exceptional group of exchange students every year in grades 9 through 12. Students join GISB from Germany and from the global network of German Schools Abroad. International students contribute to the cultural and social diversity of our Upper School, making GISB a better place. In return, ISP students get to experience the supportive and resource-rich environment of an American private school in the heart of Boston, while remaining on track with studies back home thanks to our German curriculum.

The International Student Program is a key initiative in our Upper School and a crucial component of our mission: empowering students for success in a global world. For school year 2017-18 we are accepting Fall/Winter semester applications (grade 9 and 10) and full school year applications (grades 9-12). Apply now!

How does it work?

There are several steps to becoming an exchange student at German International School Boston:

  • First, an academic assessment will help determine if GISB is a good academic fit.
  • Next, the Director of the International Student Program and the Upper School Coordinator meet with each applicant in an online interview. We share more information about the School and the program, and ask applicants to reflect on their independence, maturity, and approach to new people and experiences.
  • Finally, after receiving applicants’ written applications, GISB will initiate enrollment, the visa application process, and search for a host-family match for the most highly-qualified applicants.

Take the next step

To request more information or begin an application, please email Antonia Kenney, Director of the International Student Program, at