Our story is about perseverance and optimism.

German International School Boston was founded by a dedicated group of parents and leaders within the German cultural community, who were initially told that their vision was völlig unmöglich (totally impossible). Ernst Matthiensen, Co-Founder, recalls, “I was told that what we wanted to do was completely unrealistic. But there is always a way.” It took four years of tenacity and strategic planning for the School to evolve from idea to reality.

Former German President Johannes Rau inaugurated GISB in the fall of 2001. Nine kindergarteners and eight first and second graders were the founding students. To recognize and welcome the emerging multiculturalism within its community, the School’s name changed from “German School Boston” to “German International School Boston.”

“The engagement of our parents is what made it all possible.” – Ernst Matthiensen, Co-Founder

Every year enrollment at the School increased in leaps and bounds. By 2006 GISB had outgrown the original campus and moved to its current location in Allston. There are now over 230 students enrolled, from age 3 to grade 12.

The Class of 2013 became the first recipients of both the German International Abitur and the Massachusetts high school diploma. See where our graduates are now.

“Our children were among the first students to join the School, in 2001. It took a great leap of faith for the first group of parents to enroll their children in this new venture; we all shared the common goal of wanting to give our children the gift of a bilingual education. Our children have benefited considerably from having attended GISB. They think more globally as a result of attending a school where children from many countries learn together.” – Former Parent